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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Books I Have On My Kindle?April 2012

Lately I been wanting to do this Blog post and I finally can now do it for ya'll. So I been really loving my Kindle and I been getting a lot of more books on there. I don't have a lot but I still thought I would share what books I have on my Kindle so Far.

The books are pretty cheap and some I even found for free which I think is amazing to find books that are free.

All of these books I bought on Amazon.com

These are in no specific order.....

1. Stress Proof Your Life by Wilson, Elisabeth
This book I got for Free. I got this a couple of days ago because I was just looking at random free books and I thought this was interesting. I been having a lot of stress in my life so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get this book and see if it works for me plus for free is a good deal.

Let me know If you would like a Book Review on this.

I have been reading this book and so far I like it. I actually did my "Did you know:Stress is a good thing sometimes" blog post with information from this book.

2. First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale
This book I only bought for 99 Cents which is not bad at all. I have a Passion for Fairy tale and Fantasy books. I also really love this cover picture for this book so I thought I would just read it on my Kindle and just see how I like it.

Let me know If you would Like a Book Review on this Book!

I haven't started reading this book yet. Let me know If you have read this book already.

3. The Blue Fairy Book(Andrew Lang's Fairy Books)
Again I am obsessed with Fairy Tale and Fantasy Books. This book I got for free for my Kindle. This I think is about different fairy tale stories and it's by different authors like the Grimm.

Let me know if you would Like a Book Review on this.

I haven't started reading this but I wanted to start very soon!

4. Hunger Games
Yes, I finally decided to buy this book and I know I am late on this. I got this book for I think almost $10 which isn't bad. I really been wanting to read this because this trilogy always has good reviews on it. Also I haven't seen the Movie yet either.

I will do a Book Review on this Book for Sure!!

This is probably the next book I will start to read on my Kindle. I can't wait to finally read it and discuss this book.

5. Catching Fire
I got the second book in this trilogy because If I love this book then I wanna go ahead and read this one too. I just didn't buy the last book yet.

6. Lost Voices
I have a Interest for Mermaid Books and I just really love the summary it gave for this book. I just always had a Passion/Love interest for Mermaids. I love watching Movies about them and reading Fantasy Books about them. This book I think costed $9.99

I will Do a Book Review on this Book!

I haven't started this book yet but it's one on my List that I am gonna read next. I am very excited to read this book. This is also gonna be a Trilogy Book because the Author wants to write more on this series.

7. The Better Bladder Book
The only reason why I got this book is because I have a Bladder Disease and I wanted to read more about how to relieve pain from my Bladder. It's pretty interesting to read.

Let me know If you would Like a Book Review on this

I am reading this now, I don't read it all the time but just when I want to.

8. InkHeart
I got this Book because I saw the Movie and I loved it! It had magic and Fairy Tales and I love that.

I already did a Book Review on this! Please Check it out.

I have finished this book and it was okay. A very long book though it had like almost 60 chapters.

9. Pretty Little Liars #5: Wicked
I Love this Series! Yes I know that there are what 11 or 12 books in Total and I got to catch up. Anyways I love the Book series and the Show!!!

I Will Do a Book Review on it.

I haven't read this Book yet but I will very soon. I can't wait to know whats gonna happen next. I hope the series stays interesting as the show is.

10. Practical Magic
So I wanted to get this book because I loved this Movie when I was growing up, it was one of my favorites and still is. It's about a Curse on the women in the family, when they fall in love the guys die. It follows two sisters who wants to change this.

I already did a Book Review on this.

I have finished this book. This was the very first book that I read on my Kindle. It's a okay book.

11. A Walk to Remember
I am on a quest to try and read all of Nicholas Sparks books because I just personally love him as a Author. He writes very romantic books but most of them are very sad like the Notebook and Dear John. I have seen this Movie and I love Mandy Moore.

I Will do a Book Review on this Soon so Look out for that!

I am reading this now and I should be done with this book soon! I really Love this book so far.

12. Marked (House of Night #1)
I am also very into Vampire Books. Of course you can say I love the Twilight Books but I want to read different books about Vampires. I heard this Series was really good so I wanted to give it a shot.

I will do a Book Review for Ya'll

I haven't read this book yet but Hopefully I will soon.

So These are all the Books I have on my Kindle so Far. I have the Kindle Keyboard and I got it like 2 years ago for only $114.00

CES <3

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