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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vampire Diaries Fashion Series: Bonnie

Hey Vampire Diaries Fans! This is my last post for this Series and it's all about Bonnie.
Bonnie is girly just like Caroline is. Bonnie loves to wear dresses, Cardigans, big statement Jewelry, Graphic Tee's, and Blazers. 

Disclaimer: This is Just my View on what I think Bonnie would wear, it's not Exact!

You sometimes see Bonnie wearing Blazers with her outfits.

I think this is pretty cute. I think Bonnie could really pull this off.

She would Love these!! This would go good when She has to go to the Original Formal Ball lol

Bonnie wears a lot of graphic tops that she mostly wears with Cardigans.

Pattern Tops and Dresses that Bonnie wears all the time.

I personally Love this!!! I think Bonnie would really love to wear this. She can pair it with Black Skinny Jeans and some Flats.

Just some Simple Flats.

Floral Dress she would wear in the Spring and Summer Time.

A Forever 21 Necklace that has a Cute Design.

A Very Colorful Necklace that is also from Forever 21.

Some cute little Statement Rings.

*So if You have any other shows You would love for me to do, Leave a Comment down below please!*

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