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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2: Season Finale UnmAsked

Hey PLL Fans! Time for the Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars, and yes I know it's sad it came so soon. Don't worry though it will be back June 5th.
It has been a week since Garrett has been Arrested for the murder of Alison. The police said that Garrett only became a Police Officer to cover up the evidence that he killed Alison. The girls were watching the news when they found out this information. Spencer found out from her Mom that Jenna had turned in the Page 5 of Alison Autopsy report. I knew she or Garret had page 5!! We don't know though what is on that page to link Garrett to that murder though Garrett is pleading Not Guilty. Do you think he Killed Alison?
So you know in Rosewood that there is always something going on. The girls got this from the Mail say that the Girls are invited to the Rosewood Junior Society Masquerade Ball. Uh Oh perfect place for A to hide out in. A tells them that their Identity will be revealed at Midnight but if the Girls don't return A phone then one of them will end up dead. So this is it Will we finally know the Identity of A?? Anyways Spencer decides its time to fight back and she starts looking at Alison old stuff again to see what they have overlooked. Could we find out more information from that bag? Well I knew all along that Spencer is the brains of the Girls. Spencer is smart and tough, she can figure out anything.
The Girls blow off hanging with Mona after school so they can dig for more information and they decide to use Ezra place since he is gone. Ugh I miss him already! Hanna is laying on Ezra bed when Aria says that they had sex. Well it was gonna happen sooner or later. Spencer finds a pen in Alison bag  for a Airfield called Dogherty's Landing and the girls assume that this is where Duncan dropped Alison off at. We are getting closer!!! Anyways the girls decide to check out a hotel that is close to the Airfield where they think Alison might have went. 
The hotel is called Lost Woods Resort. I think it's creepy plus the Manager is creepy as well. Anyways it was the same hotel from the rip postcard with Alison things and the Girls decide to get a room and investigate. What could they find out here? We shall see what happens. The Girls rent out Room 2 and they ask about the Registery and Room 1 but the guy is not telling them anything. So what are they looking for exactly? Can they somehow figure out from this creepy hotel who A is?
Spencer comes up with a Plan to sneak to the Registery and see who names are on it. Emily and Hanna said they were too cold to go so Aria went with Spencer. Alison booked Room 1 under the name of Vivian Darkbloom. Well they might be getting closer! While they are doing that Emily gets a call from what we think is Maya but there is no signal so she decides to go outside while Hanna takes a shower after she fell outside. While Hanna is in the Shower A is in their Room!! A is getting creepier by the minute. The next day, Spencer tells the Girls that No one ever rents out Room 2 and they are wondering why. But there is a hole in the wall between Room 1 and 2 and A is spying on them.
Spencer drops the Girls off and decides to go over Jason House when she sees Toby! Oh Toby please leave Jenna and get back with Spencer...Anyways Spencer ask Toby to forgive her like he has forgiven Jenna. Spencer is upset and starts to cry and tells him not to shut everyone out. This makes me sad!! Spencer leaves when Toby gets a call from Dr.Sullivan! She is still alive! Where has she been all this time? How does Toby know her? Anyways Toby tries to stop Spencer but she has already left. Hopefully we see Dr.Sullivan soon so we can get some information out of her about what has been going on and Who A is because we all know that she knows exactly who A is. 
So what a Minute....Jenna can see again!!! Okay now she scares me. Anyways Jenna goes to a park to meet up with someone. Well I guess she doesn't need Toby anymore. So we don't know exactly who she is meeting because when the person shows up we don't see the face. Is it a Girl or a Boy? Is it Lucas, Melissa, Ezra, or someone else we don't know? Jenna tells the person that she has been waiting for this moment for a while now. Well she does look happy that she can see again. But was she seeing when she told Toby she couldn't? Jenna sure can put on a Act for people just like Mona can. I wonder if Jenna and Mona know each other. Well maybe we will find out soon.
Well it's time for the Masquerade Ball at Rosewood. The Girls show up and are dressed up nicely. The Girls though knew that finding A in a crowd of masks was gonna be hard to do. So they all decided to spread out and see what they can find. The Girls didn't have dates so it made it a little easier on them to find out whats going on at the Ball. They agree though to meet up again and Midnight because thats when A said something bad will happen if the Girls don't return A phone but you know they won't return it.
So at the Ball the girls spread out to see if they can spot A. While Aria is looking around she gets a Text and Ezra shows up to have their first dance together!! I am so glad Ezra had showed up there for her. Anyways while they dance Ezra takes off her mask and his and everyone can now see them! I was loving this scene. Ezra knows that he can't stay away from Aria because he knows that he loves her no matter what happens to them. I wish I had love like that because you know it's real love.
Well now lets see what the other girls are up too. Emily was walking around when Paige saw her. Paige was dressed up in a Suit...Really I would love to see Paige in a nice dress. Anyways Paige says that she just sorry for what happen and that she can't let go for her feeling for Emily. I personally love Paige more than Maya, I just can't trust Maya. Paige also tells Emily that she should have fought harder for her. Emily says that she just needs a friend right now and Paige says she is okay with that.
At the Dance also Hanna is surprised when Caleb shows up, thanks from Mona because she brought him there. Yea I still don't Trust Mona at all. Spencer sees what Mona done for Hanna and decides to talk to her. Mona tells Spencer that she seen Alison the week before Alison went missing! So I wonder what is was all about? Mona tells Spencer that Alison was dressed as Vivian and that she was meeting someone there. Alison wasn't meeting someone there, Alison was following A! This is now about to become intense. Anyways Spencer calls Emily to tell her that her and Mona are going back to the Hotel and Emily makes Spencer promise to be back by Midnight.
Mona is starting to become a little more creepier lately. Well Spencer and Mona decide to break into Room 2 to take a look. When they open the door it's the Room of A Lair!! There are photos everywhere of Alison, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria. Now we are about to find out who is A and I am on the edge of my seat biting my nails. Spencer is freaking out because she can't believe she is in the Room where A is at all the time. Spencer and Mona decide to take a look around to see what they can come up with and to look for clues. Can they Find who A is from this Room? Well things are about to get a lot heated when They find something in this room.
Mona finds Pictures of the Dress that A is going to where to the Ball. It is a Dress of the Black Swan and Mona calls the girls to let them know about what is going on. This is getting Crazy!! Well after that, Spencer found Alison Diary in A room. Mona offered Spencer gum and When Spencer turn the Page she saw the same wrapper that Mona had. Also Spencer found Cashmere Sweaters in this room as well and we exactly know who Loves Cashmere Sweaters. This is crazy that we know now who it is!!
Mona is A!!!! See I know it had to be her or Maya. Spencer figures it out by the clues that Mona is A. Mona is upset and Angry that the Girls took Hanna away from her because Hanna was her only friend. Poor Mona you always can't get what you want. Mona also tells Spencer that she has Mr. Hastings Gun and Hits Spencer in the Head! OMG Spencer please be okay. I still can't believe that Mona would hurt Hanna and all the girls. So was Mona texting herself all those A texts or was it from someone else that is controling her. Well I think I know that there is more A because Mona can't handle it all by herself right?
When Spencer wakes up she is in the Car with Mona. Where is Mona taking her? Mona tells Spencer in the Car that she is getting Revenge for the Girls taking Hanna away from her. That is crazy!! Mona is really angry and is driving crazy and so fast. Spencer sees that the Girls are calling her and she lets them listen in on the conversation. The girls are upset when they find out that Mona is A. I really feel sorry for Hanna because that was her friend. Mona tells Spencer that she can Join the A Team or she can Die. So A Team meaning more than one A? Oh No this is not good at all. So who is all on the A Team? Lucas, Melissa, Jenna, and Garrett possibly.
Hanna was right on Mona trail when Mona stop the Car and Spencer jumped out to get away from Mona. Spencer and Mona get into a Fight when Mona falls off the Cliff!! Talk about crazy this scene was intense. The Police and Ambulance finally shows up and the Girls are shaken up badly from what had happen. Dr.Sullivan shows up and tells the Girls that A threaten her son and she had to protect him. So who is her Son? I mean one time we seen a photo of Caleb mom so it can't be him, Could it be Toby? They never really talk about his parents on the show. Could it be Lucas? We never see his parents on the show either. Or could it be someone that we just don't know.
Just as they were about to leave they hear that Mona is still Alive. Hanna is really upset and starts to cry because Mona was her friend. I feel really bad for Hanna. When we see Mona again she is in the Psycho Ward and Dr.Sullivan explains to the girls that Mona has a Personality Disorder. Yea I thought so! Anyways when Mona is in the Psycho Ward she explains that this is not the end and that the Girls won't get away from this. So A Team is gonna be around for a while just not with Mona though. Back at the Police Station the Girls are walking out when Spencer sees Toby! Toby explains that tricking her was the toughest thing he ever had to do. Spencer was about to hit him when they leaned in and Kissed!!!
With the Girls being shaken up from everything, Emily invites them to stay the night at her house. As soon as the Girls almost reach Emily House, Half of the town is there and there are Police everywhere. Uh Oh it has to be what A said about someone going to die. Anyways Emily Mom runs up to her and Tells Emily that they found a Body!!! They are sure that is is Maya!!! So A wanted to go after Emily and who she cared about the most. I am so upset for Emily. Emily breaks down right there and starts to cry because she and Maya had a fight before Maya took off. Hanna, Spencer and Aria are there to comfort her and to make sure she is okay. Crazy way for this Season to end but it's not over yet.
Again we see Mona in the Psycho Ward and she looks horrible. The Nurse comes into Mona Cell and tells her she has a Visitor and the Visitor is wearing a Red Coat!! Just like the one Alison was suppose to pick up. So who is this person that Mona is talking to??? Well Mona tells this person that "I did everything you asked me to." So I am guessing that this person is on the A Team too? Could it be that Alison is really alive? Or maybe Alison twin the rumors might be true that Alison had a twin that no one knew about.

Questions that we want answered in Season 3:

  • Mona said A Team. Who is on the A Team? Is it Melissa, Jenna, Lucas or Garrett? Maybe even Noel?
  • Who was the Black Swan?
  • How long was Maya dead? How did she die? or Is she really Dead?
  • Will Paige and Emily get together?
  • Who is Dr.Sullivan Son?
  • What will Ezra Job be next? Will he stay in Rosewood for Aria?
  • In the park when Jenna handed a Person something, Who was that Person?
Favorite Quote: "Oh Come on, We are Team Sparia"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
"You must have me mistaken for someone else, My name is Romeo" Oh I love Caleb:)

Best Dressed:
I love this Dress. I am a sucker for yellow though. Aria always knows how to make dresses look different and not make dresses look so formal.

This is a Picture of Hanna Dress at the Masquerade Ball. I love how Romantic it looks. Hanna really looked like Juliet:) 

CES <3

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