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Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: A Walk To Remember

Another book review is here for ya'll and it's gonna be all about A Walk To Remember.

I love Nicholas Sparks and his books are always amazing to read. I Have seen the Movie and I loved it even though it was sad. It didn't take me long to read this book and finish it, the book isn't that long. 

My Summary:
So this book is from the point of view of Landon who is somewhat of a trouble teenager. He talks about his religious town in Beaufort, North Carolina. His father is a Congressman and is not around much. Landon father does pressure him to run for class president. His best friend is Eric who helps him win the election. Homecoming is coming up and Landon doesn't have a date, He is worried about finding a date. Landon had signed up for Drama Class thinking it was gonna be a easy class. In this class was Jamie Sullivan, who is the Reverend Daughter. Landon doesn't really wanna ask Jamie to Homecoming but he is left with no other options. Jamie is very passionate about what she does and Jamie always wears her hair in a bun, Has on a sweater and always wears a skirt. Jamie also carries around a bible all the time which thats why people make fun of her. Landon decides to ask Jamie to the Homecoming Dance and she says yes. At the dance everything is going fine till Eric and his date shows up drunk. Jamie offered to help Landon with Eric date and they also took her home. Landon wondered why Jamie was being so nice. Landon doesn't like Jamie but his friends soon thought that he liked Jamie. A few days later, Jamie asked Landon for a favor and that was if he can be in the Play of the "Christmas Angel" which is a play that Jamie Dad had set up. Every year it's really big and this year, Jamie wanted to make it very special but Landon didn't know why. Landon know he will be teased for joining but he will do the play anyway. Well one day at Rehearsal Jamie asked Landon if he can walk her home, and Landon said he could even though he didn't want to. Soon it becomes a Routine to walk Jamie home after school and they become more to know about each other. Jamie though told Landon that to Please not to fall in Love with her and Landon laughed and said okay. Soon Eric and other friends started to make fun of Landon for walking Jamie home and said that he wanted to marry Jamie. Landon got mad and one day told Jamie off and it really upset her. Landon soon said he was sorry and Landon went with Jamie to a Orphanage to talk about doing the play there but the Director didn't think that was a good idea but offered they could come hang out on Christmas Eve. The Play soon began and it was packed full of people wanting to come to the play. Landon started getting very nervous but when Jamie came out on Stage he thought she was very beautiful and meant every word in his lines because of her. The play went very well and soon it was packed for the second production. Soon Landon became very fond of Jamie and they started to hang out more and more. On Christmas Eve, Landon and Jamie hang out at the Orphanage and Landon started to have feelings for Jamie. Jamie gave Landon for a present her Bible which Landon at the time couldn't understand why she did that. The Bible was Jamie mother's before she died. After Christmas, Landon and Jamie started going out on Dates. Landon couldn't help the way he felt around Jamie. Well one day when they were walking home, Jamie finally told Landon her secret which was She has Leukemia and that she will die. Landon whole world began to fall around him and his heart was crushed. Soon Jamie had no energy for anything and Jamie started to pass out and hit her head. Landon father arranged for Jamie to have a private nurse because Jamie was always in the hospital. Landon granted Jamie last wish by Marrying Jamie by the way she wanted it done. Even though Jamie father was very hesitant and was always concern about Landon he married them. At the End it talked about Landon in his 50's and that he always remembers those days with Jamie and that he never takes off the wedding ring.

My Thoughts:
I really had Enjoyed this book even though it made me cry at the end. Nicholas Sparks is a good Author, I love how he makes book has a Romantic tale but not so much for making it sad. Almost every book he has written is sad in some way. This and the Notebook is my favorite books to read.

Rate: I give it a 10 and I do recommend this Book. You will love it as much as I did.

*Hope you liked this Book Review! Let me know what you thought about this book below.*

CES <3

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