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Monday, April 2, 2012

My Trip to Hawaii: Spring Break! 2012

Hey! For Spring Break I went to Hawaii. My Spring Break was from March 12-19. I now finally have time to show you Pictures of what I did in Hawaii.
Me and my Mom left for the Dallas Airport at 2am and we got there a little before 4am. Our flight left at 6am to Denver. It was our first time on a plane and I was a little nervous. I wasn't able to sit by my mom and they had put me at a window seat. Once we took off, I decided to look out the window and it totally freaked me out at first. After a while I thought it was amazing to see everything light up at night, it was an amazing experience.
This is a picture of when we landed in Denver. The sun was just barely coming up and it looked beautiful.

Me and my Mom in Denver!

Outside the house we were staying at.

The shopping center on the Marine Base

At the Beach on the Marine Base

Me and my Boyfriend at the beach :)

Downtown in Waikiki

A Local Beach

What I wore for St. Patrick Day :) Of course my Mom is in the background lol

Me and my Boyfriend just chilling before we went out.

Me, My boyfriend, and two of our friends

CES <3

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