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Monday, May 21, 2012

Will Amy Marry Ricky? Secret Life Discussion

I decided to do a Secret Life Discussion because I love this show and I am very interested to see if Amy will marry Ricky. Do you think She will?

Amy is becoming friends with Ben which her parents doesn't think it's a good idea because that might start a war between Ricky and Ben.

Ricky proposed to Amy at his Graduation and it was amazing how he talked about his past then he told Amy to come up to the stage and he asked her to marry him. I think Ricky is sweet even though he acts like the bad boy but Ricky has changed a lot this season. He really wants to change his life around.

I think Amy is starting to be confused on who she wants to be with because she does still have feelings for Ben. Speaking of Ben, He does still have feelings for her too. So if Amy does Marry Ricky will Ben try to stop the Wedding? What do you think? Will she Marry Ricky?

My opinion is that soon Amy will have to make a tough decision, which is does she wanna marry Ricky or does she wanna be with her first love.

I will be happy if Amy marries Ricky because he is trying to change his life and I think Amy is the right person to help him and plus they have a son together. I really hope Amy works it out with Ricky.

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  1. Haven't watched the last few episodes of Secret Life but up until the part I am at, Ben hasn't shown any signs of fighting for Amy. Ricky is there for her and truly loves her. I think Amy is just scared but she loves Ricky too.