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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on Life

Hey Everyone!
I haven't did a update like this in a while where I just talk about what has been going on in my life.
I am just happy that I have this week of finals and I have 3 months off of school. I am still a Child Development major and only has about I think 7 classes left till I graduate. Which I am ready to be done with school because after I graduate I think I am moving to Hawaii because my boyfriend is stationed out there and plus we might get married in a year or so. Me and him are doing good, we do have our fights but it only makes us a stronger couple. I get to see him next month in June for a whole month and I am excited. This will kinda be our first alone time together in a while and we haven't had a date to ourselves in a while so this is really much needed for the both of us.
Work has been driving me crazy and I really want to find me a different job. I just don't know where I should apply and if the job will work around my college schedule. I been at my current job for 3 years now which is pretty good for it being my first job.
My health of course has been driving me crazy because my back is hurting me so bad lately. I have a slight curve in my back with my spine. I might have to buy me a back brace soon to fix it.
Lately I been going out more with friends because I haven't been out much because of my health. It's good not to be stuck in my house all the time. Last night me and my friend from work hung out at Taco bell, went to the mall and we went to go see The Avengers which that movie was Awesome!! There were alot of funny parts in that movie. I am just glad to be getting out more and being social.
What I am excited for is that in June I will not be working for a whole month and I will be in Hawaii again! I can't wait to go back and just enjoy being there. I am kinda nervous this time because this will be my first time traveling alone. This will be my first time away from my parents for being gone more than week, so this should be a good experience. I mean I am 20 now so I need to see how I can do things on my own.

Just a small update on how my life been.

CES <3

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