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Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Outfit Of The Day:5/7/2012 Final Exam Week!

This is gonna be a Quick Outfit of the Day because I have a Final Exam tonight in my Psychology Class. It's a open book exam with 100 questions multiple choice.
I am wearing something simple to my exam and this shirt is really comfortable and it sits off the shoulders.

Pretty Little Liars Shirt: Delias

I love this Shirt because it says Pretty Little Liars and I am obsessed with that show!! The shirt also has a cool animal print on it too.

These are the Jeans and the Shoes that I wore for today. The Jeans are pretty Comfortable and I love these Shoes!

*So this is what I wore today! This is my first final for this week, I don't have another final till Thursday So look out for a Outfit of the Day on Thursday.*

CES <3


  1. That is a really cute top! Good luck on your final on Thursday!