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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Haul: Craft Store, Walmart, Drugstore, Vanity and Forever 21

Hey!!! I am excited that I finally had money to go shopping this weekend. I haven't done a Haul in a while so I hope ya'll enjoy this. On Friday I went to a Craft Store then Walmart, then Yesterday I went to the Drugstore and Vanity and Forever 21.

Craft Store:

I saw these two Bracelets and I thought they would fit perfectly on me. I don't own a lot of bracelets that actually fit my tiny wrists.

Blue Moon Amulet Bracelets: $3.99 Each

Not a bad price for these.

The first one is a chain that has blue going through it and has a adjustable fit. The last one is black with a gold detail.


These were the first things I got at Walmart.

A 2012 Planner: $2.50

Travel Size Head and Shoulders Shampoo: .97

Headbands: $3.88

I needed a new Planner because my old planner was about to expire plus I got this one on sale!
I needed a travel size of head and shoulders just to take on my trip just in case I have a itchy scalp.
I am always putting my bangs back with headbands and I needed more.

I didn't have any kind of plain flip flops and I needed some to take with me to Hawaii so I thought these would work. Also got at Walmart.

O.P Flip Flops: $3.28

These weren't a bad price they were pretty cheap. I like how it is black and white so it should go with all my summer outfits in Hawaii.

These two tanks are the only clothing pieces that I bought at Walmart.

Jersey Tank: $3.88 Each

I am thinking these were on sale because this was a really good deal! I don't have a lot of tanks so I thought these would be perfect to take on my trip.

Left Tank is a Neon Pink and Black Striped. Right Tank is Neon colors of Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, and Yellow. These are Perfect for Summer and to bring color to your wardrobe.

This was the last thing that I got at Walmart.

Beach Towel: $7.97

This was the only thing that I bought that was Expensive. I needed a new Beach Towel for the Summer.


These are the only Makeup Products that I bought at the Drugstore.

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder: $2.74
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral: $6.44
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie: $6.48
Falsies Mascara: $5.00

I finally had hit pan on my NYC powder so I had to get another one because I love it. I love the Dream Bouncy Blush's So I wanted to try out the Candy Coral color to see if I would like it on my skin. Revlon Lip Butters are Amazing so now I own 3. The Falsies I heard great reviews on.

Just some things I needed for my Trip.

Aloe Infused Socks: $3.00
Travel Size Jergens Lotion: .97
Dove Deodorant: Can't Remember the Price
Travel Size Tres. Hairspray: $1.47

I picked up the Aloe Infused Socks because I had poor circulation in my feet so the ache all the time and I just thought the Socks would be perfect on my long plane rides.
The rest is just essentials that I needed for my Trip.

For Shaving.

Skintimate Shave Gel: $2.32

Venus Embrace 3 Disposable Razors: $9.87

Last things I got at the Drugstore....

Almay Makeup Removal Pads: Don't Remember the Price
Clearasil Daily Cleaning Face Pads: $3.67
Travel Size Sensodyne Tooth Paste: .97


I got this in my Local Mall at a store called Vanity.

Geo Stripe Tank: $11.98

This was on Sale. This is a Neon Pink and it has a Tribal Design on the front and the back is just solid Pink. Very loose fitting and flowy.

Forever 21:

I also got this at my Local Mall and this is my first purchase from Forever 21 and I love this Shirt!!

Dream Catcher Tank: $12.50

Spike Bracelets: $5.90 Each (Neon Pink and Neon Yellow)

I hope that you had enjoyed this Haul. I haven't been shopping in a while so I know I was enjoying this. All this stuff I purchased with my own money and all of this is going toward my Trip to Hawaii. Recent purchases so you can still find all this stuff. Let me know If you want reviews on the Makeup items. These Tanks will be featured in Outfit of the days and weeks coming up soon!

CES <3

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