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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Trip to Hawaii Details #3

Time for another update about my Trip. I have a Week left before I leave Texas and I am getting excited but really nervous. Anyways This update is gonna be about What Shoes, Jewelry and Makeup will I be bringing with me to my trip to Hawaii.

What Shoes Am I Bringing:

These are the Shoes that I will be Wearing at the Airport. I was looking for comfortable shoes and that were easily can be taken off for security. I got these at my Local Mall and these were a gift from my Boyfriend. I wear these shoes all the time now.
Moccasins: MinneTonka I think is the Brand

Just some basic flip flops that I bought the other day at Walmart. These are black and white so they will go with any outfit.
Flip Flops: O.P (Walmart)

These are some Wedges that I thought would go perfect with some of the dresses that I am bringing with me. I had these for a couple of years now.


These are Black High Heels that I bought back in February of this year. I am bringing these just in case I have to dress up more for a date or event in Hawaii. I brought these last time too when I went for Spring Break.
Black High Heels: AGAPE

What Jewelry Am I Bringing:

These are the only 2 necklaces that I will be bringing.

Owl Necklace: Walmart
Heart Necklace: My boyfriend gave me this!

These 4 Rings are the ones that I am taking with me.

Floral Ring: Forever 21
Diamond Ring: My grandma gave me this!
Bear Ring: My grandma gave me this!
Two Hearts Ring: My boyfriend gave me this!

The Diamond ring and the Bear ring are my everyday rings. I never take them off. I wear both on my right hand.

First Bracelets that I will be showing you. I wanted to bring these because they are bright and colorful. I got these 2 days ago and they were in my Haul that I showed ya'll.

Spiked Neon Bracelets: Forever 21

I am bringing these because I thought it would put a little edge in my outfits when I wanna be edgy. I had these for a year now.

Zebra Striped Bracelets: Walmart

These are my Favorite! I just love the Japanese writing.

Japanese Writing and English Word: Earth Bound

Last Bracelets that I am bringing on my Trip.

Bracelets: Craft Store

This is just showing ya'll how I pack my Necklaces. This keeps it from getting tangled all together. I learned this on Youtube. Just look up how to pack my necklaces in my suitcase.

What Makeup Am I Bringing:

I am only bringing 4 Face Products with me to Hawaii. I didn't wanna Bring a Foundation because I know my face is gonna get Tan or Sunburn and is just not gonna match.

These are my Eye Makeup Products that I will be bringing with me. I am bringing a ELF Primer, a Mini Size Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer, 2 ELF Shimmer Eye Liner Pencils and a Waterproof Mascara.

These are the Lip Products that I will be bringing. First one on the Left is a Revlon Lipstick in Wink for Pink and this one is my Favorite! Next is a ELF Lipstick in Seductive which is perfect for when I wanna do my Classic looks. Next is Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm in Coral, It has SPF 15. Last is the Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.

I can't believe I almost forgot to show ya'll what Eye Shadows that I will be bringing with me. My Insomnia is getting worse, Excuse me. Anyways I am bringing my Favorite Covergirl Quad in Vibrant Browns, ELF Quad in Nymph Dreams I think, and my Maybelline Pallette.

*Okay so this is the end of #3 of details about my Trip. This was what I am bringing to Hawaii that involves Shoes, Jewelry and Makeup Products. Tonight I just organized my Carry-On a bit better just so I am not doing everything at the last minute. Tuesday will be the Next Update and It will be about What Bathing suits I am bringing, Whats in my Quart size bag and What Hair Products I will be bringing.*

CES <3

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