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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Trip to Hawaii Details #2

Hey Everyone!
Here is another Summer Trip to Hawaii update, Today I am gonna show ya'll my Carry-on, my Suitcase, and my Outfit that I will be wearing that day. I am thinking about doing Outfit of the Weeks while I am in Hawaii so let me know If you are interested in that. I just thought it would be fun to show ya'll what I will be wearing for the 4 weeks that I will be there.
Note: Please be looking out for more of these post to come. Another will be this weekend then 2 more before I leave on my Trip. Also look forward to a Haul!!!!

This time around I am bringing a different Carry-on because my other one is too big and I am traveling alone so I don't think I can carry my suitcase and that big carry-on.
This is what my Carry-On looks like.

Carry-On: Target

This is perfect for me because I can just put this on my shoulder and I don't have to roll or push it around.
It has a lot of room in it too so I am able to fit everything that I need to bring with me.

Okay so on my last trip to Hawaii I never showed ya'll my Suitcase.
Here is what my Suitcase looks like, It's Purple!!

Suitcase: Burlington Coat Factory

Tip: Try to get a unique Suitcase. Black is so popular and it's hard to find your luggage among other black Suitcases. Make yours stand out so you can find it quickly.

Next is the cover I am bringing with me on the Plane because they do tend to stay very cold.
This is very comfortable and very soft.

Cover: Target

Tip: Another tip is to bring a cover or a jacket on the planes because they tend to stay very cold. This will help keep you warm.

I am also bringing a Jacket with me because I am always cold on the planes.
This Jacket I had for a very long time and I love it.

I don't remember where I got this Jacket at. It might have came from Walmart but I'm not sure.

Okay so now I will show Ya'll the Outfit that I will be wearing to the Airport.
These are Skinny Jeans and I love them!! They are my favorite jeans and they look great on me.

Skinny Jeans: L.E.I (Walmart or Target)

This is the shirt I will be wearing and I will be wearing a Black Tank Top under it. It's very loose and comfortable.

Tank Top: Miley Cyrus Brand (Walmart)

Pretty Little Liars Shirt: Delias

So this is all of my #2 Update. Look out for more of these to come before I leave for my Trip. Next one will be up this Weekend and it's What I am Bringing: Jewelry, Shoes and Makeup. I will be showing ya'll what Jewelry, Shoes and Makeup that I will be bringing on my trip. Be looking out for a Haul of what I am bringing to Hawaii. The Haul should hopefully be up this Sunday or Monday.

Have Fun this Summer and Be Safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CES <3

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