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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Tag!!!

Hey Everyone!
I was on Youtube checking out videos when I came across this Tag which I thought was a really fun idea to do. It was started I think by Ingrid who is a Beauty Guru on Youtube.

So there are 10 questions, Lets get Started.....

Question 1: How did You discover the Show?
Answer 1: I have watched this Series from the very beginning. I seen previews and advertising about this show and I thought I would give it a shot because I love vampires.

Question 2: Who is Your favorite Character?
Answer 2: My favorite would have to be Damon because he is so sexy and has mystery about him. He also has a warm heart that not a lot of people get to see.

Question 3: If you were a Vampire, Would you live off of Human or Animal Blood?
Answer 3: Well this is a tough one... I would have to say if I do drink Human Blood I would only do it from the Criminals because they deserve to die.

Question 4: Team Stefan or Team Damon?
Answer 4: At first I was for Team Stefan but now I am really a Team Damon Fan.

Question 5: What is your Favorite Supernatural Power?
Answer 5: I would love to have Bonnie gift as being a Witch!

Question 6: If you were to be a Character from the Show, Who would it be?
Answer 6: Well at First I wanted to be Elena because she gets to have 2 guys fighting over her but I wouldn't deal with things of losing everyone I love so I would have to say Caroline. She is pretty, smart, and tough.

Question 7: Have you read the Book Series?
Answer 7: No I haven't, I had the books and I read maybe the first chapter but then I stopped because I didn't like how they made Elena Character personality be.

Question 8: Who is Your Crush on the Show?
Answer 8: Damon of Course!!! but I am really starting to fall in Love with Klaus too.

Question 9: What was your first initial thought about the show?
Answer 9: I really thought this show was gonna be good which now it's amazing!

Question 10: Who is Your favorite Villain?
Answer 10: My favorite is Klaus! I am starting to fall in love with his Character.

*This was a really fun Tag to do, I hope you enjoyed this and please do this Tag too! I wanna Tag 21SaraLoves to do this because I would love to see your answers.*

CES <3

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