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Friday, May 11, 2012

Shocking Season Finale:TVD

Hey Vampire Diaries Fans, What did You think about the Season Finale? I thought it was very shocking and sad.
Throughout this whole episode we had seen a flashback of how Elena parents had died and how Elena met Damon and Stefan for the first time.

Can I say that I am mad with Damon!
Damon met Elena first and he didn't even tell her that he did!!!!!

It showed that Damon met Elena first and she was telling him that she had a fight with her boyfriend who was Matt at the time. Damon told her she wants a Love that Consumes her but Damon compulsed her to find what she needs and not to remember her meeting Damon. Ugh!!! Why Damon?

Anyways it always showed Alaric going after killing Klaus but Bonnie helped Klaus go into Tyler body and it showed Caroline crying because she thought Tyler was dying. So did that mean that Klaus and Caroline had their first kiss?

Anyways After "Klaus" died, Rebeckah and Elijah decided not to leave town and that they need to kill Elena. Well last episode at the end Elena ends up in the hospital which they should in the beginning of this episode. Jeremy is worried about her and Meredith lied to him saying it wasn't that bad but it was because Elena has bleeding in her brain. Meredith gave her Vampire Blood to save Elena. Well Jeremy and Matt decided to get Elena out of town but Elena didn't want that. During this whole Episode, Elena was debating who she should be with either Damon or Stefan.

Elena: "Stefan was there for me when I needed someone the most so I fell for him Instantly. Damon is the problem though because when I am with him, Damon consumes me." 

Matt told Elena that she can either go back to Stefan or they can head to the direction of where Damon was at and she wanted to go back home where Stefan, Caroline and Tyler were at. Elena called Damon and Damon asked her who would she choose and Elena said that she loves Stefan but she cares for Damon which is why she has to let him go. Well after that Rebeckah was standing in the road and Elena and Matt go  out of the bridge and ends up under water. Stefan comes to save her but she wants him to save Matt instead. Elena starts to die and with that Alaric dies and Damon is crying because he knows that Elena must had died.

This part made me cry!!!!

Anyways so at the End Jeremy is visited by Alaric ghost telling Jeremy that everything will be okay and that he will watch over him. Elena ends up in the hospital with Stefan by her and with Damon asking what had happen to her. So when Elena wakes up she will be a Vampire!!! OMG!!!

Vampire Diaries doesn't return till September so now we have to wait 4 Months! Ugh I can't wait that long!!!

What did you think?

Also is Matt dead or did he survive???

CES <3

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