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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update On College: Spring Semester Is Over!

Hey Guys, So I am not to happy with my grades this Semester. I am really disappointed in my self. I have been depressed for the last week because of the Grades I made.
I took 4 classes this Semester and 32 hours of Lab.
I finished all my Lab hours on time! which I am happy that I did that because I was worried that I wouldn't get all them done in time.
My Grades were C, D, F, F. Yupp not too happy with these :( Now I have to take 3 classes over because of the grades I made. Ugh this sucks so much because now this puts me behind to graduate when I wanted to. I wanted to graduate next year but now I probably won't till 2014.... It's so Depressing to me.
I just lost motivation and focus this Semester :(
I really need to find my Hope so that next Semester will go better for me. I hope so.
Fall Semester doesn't start till August 27th which is a nice break and is much needed for me.
In the Fall I will be taking 3 classes and a Yoga Class. I decided to only do 16 hours of Lab because I need not to do so much. I think that what was hurting me this Semester. Anyways I am taking Art Appreciation, Creative Children Arts, Administrative Programs and a Yoga/Pilates Class.

Just a Tip: If you are needing Financial Aid make sure to fill out the Fafsa 2012-2013 form. Go to this Website and you can fill one out here----> www.fafsa.ed.gov

So this is a really depressing update, I know but I just wanted to update ya'll. I really hope my grades can be better next Semester.

Happy Note: June 3rd I am leaving for Hawaii to stay this time for a Whole Month! I can't wait to leave Texas.

CES <3


  1. Aw that sucks. You need to find your motivation and focus again! Good luck, I am rooting for you :)


  2. Thanks that means a lot to me! :)