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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who Will Win Americas Next Top Model?

So I don't know if I told ya''ll but I really love watching Americas Next Top Model. I love watching how photos turn out of the models and what they have to go through. I also love Tyra Banks too.
I thought I would do this post to share who is left on the British Invasion and who I think will Win Americas Next Top Model British Invasion.

So this Season as some of you may know was a bit different from the others because I think 6 American girls had to go against 6 British girls. This Season the British weren't going down without a fight even though at the beginning they weren't doing good but in the middle and now the end they showed that they can make it.

There are only 1 American left and 2 British girls left. So who will win?

So the Girls that are left are Laura, Annaliese, and Sophie.

Are you happy with Who is left? Who is your Favorite? I would have to say my favorite is Sophie. My least favorite is Laura.

CES <3

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