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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Trip to Hawaii Details #4

Hey today I am not feeling so good because it's that time of the month :/ but anyways since I will just be in bed all day I thought that I would do Another update on my summer trip to Hawaii. I hope ya'll like seeing these, I just thought it would give ya'll ideas on what to bring for your summer trip.
Let me know if you are going anywhere fun for the Summer!!!

So I am gonna show ya'll what Bathing Suits I am bringing and what Hair products I am bringing. Just a Random blog post but enjoy!

What Bathing Suits I am Bringing:

I got this one piece at Burlington Coat Factory. I really like the print of it. It fits me really good. Usually I don't like one pieces but this one is really pretty on me.

This is a two piece that I also got at Burlington Coat Factory. The top is not like a regular bikini it goes all the way down and it covers your stomach which I like because some days I don't like my stomach because I have scars from when I had surgery. This Bathing Suit is covered with dots all over it. I wore this for Spring Break and I love it.

This is the last one I am bringing on my trip and this is my all time favorite Bathing Suit I had so far. I got this at Target!!! I really Love the print and this looks amazing on my body. I am so pale so this Bathing Suit gives me some color that I need.

What Hair Products I am Bringing:

Bringing some Hair Ties, Regular Hair Clips, My Floral Clip that I got in Hawaii last time and some Head Bands.

I forgot to show ya'll the Shampoo so I am sorry! Anyways I am only bringing 3 Hair Products. First I am bringing the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave in Conditioner. I have frizzy hair all the time and this helps tame my hair. Next is the Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves Spray. I am not bringing my Curler so this helps when I want to give my hair some texture. Last is the John Frieda Curl Enhancer, this also helps give my hair some nice texture.

So this is the last update of what I am bringing on my trip. I will do another one that will be my last on Friday June 1st. That one will just explain how long I will be gone and what Post I will try to do while I am in another state. I am hoping to do a lot of Outfit of the Days for ya'll and My day in Pictures. Also I will do a Outfit of the Day on June 2nd because my brother is graduating High School! So look out for that :)

CES <3

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