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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Filled with...OOTD #2,Healthy food and Running,Lake Time

Hey guys Today was a crazy day. I didn't get any sleep and I wanted to sleep late because it was my day off from work but that didn't happen :/
      So Anyways I started off my day With going to my local track with my mom and bro to do some running. My doctor recommended me to start doing exercise for my health. So I did 3 1/2 miles of a running/walking Pace. Other half well......Me and my mom Cheated lol. After I got home I made me some Healthy Beef Broth and Crackers because I am still recovering from being weak for the past 3 days. So my Family decided today we will go to the lake for today since I was actually in a better mood for once.

What I Wore:

The Only Down Fall Was That It didn't really fit well Like I thought it would. The Bottoms Fit me Perfectly but the Top Didn't. The Bottoms were $8.00 and the Tops were the same price and I got them at Walmart.

The Sunglasses I got also at The same Place but I actually can't remember how much they did cost....

Lake Time: When We got to the lake my first thought was "Well I know It is gonna be hot and I am gonna burn today" but that wasn't the case at all. The wind was Insane so it made the Waves in the water freaking huge and wild. The Water was soo Cold that it took me forever to get used to it, Does anyone else do that where it takes them forever to get adjusted to the water Temperature? Anyways thats what I do. We didn't stay that long though because the wind was getting worse and those waves was picking up in speed. But we did have fun though for a little bit.


CES <3

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