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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Do I Spend My Nights?

Hey Guys I just wanted to do how do I spend my nights when I am not busy or not at school. Mostly I start out by Cleaning my Face with Ponds (Evening Soothe). Now Just recently I started doing Yoga so what I do is I put my Mat on the floor in my room, Then I put in a Yoga Video that I bought. I do Yoga for about 30 mins to maybe almost a hour. The reason I am starting Yoga because It was suggested to help with my Health which now I will try anything. So I am just starting to get used to Yoga and Learn all the different poses my favorite pose is the Children's pose if you know what I mean.
Next I check my Email, Facebook, Twitter and This Blog to make sure everything is up to date.
Now the last thing I love to do before I go to bed is I go on Youtube and I watch Beauty Guru's.
I can list Some of My Faves:

These are some of my faves that I like to watch and keep up to date with...

Then If I have time and I am not tired I will read a Book. Right now I am currently reading Pretty Little Liars 2nd Book. I love this series expecially the Tv show because it has Mystery, Drama, Romance, Just anything that will keep you guessing and wanting more. Season 2 comes back Tuesday June 14 at 7 I think.

So Yea this is How I spend My nights. How do You?

CES <3

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