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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Update On School Life

Hey Guys So Here is where I am gonna talk about My School Life. I am majoring in right now is Child Development. I take classes at MCC, I take 3 Child Development Classes and one Math Class. The Classes I took this Semester wasn't that all bad. They are pretty easy course except for Lab Hours, Because as of right now I am behind on Lab hours. Lab is where you observe children and you do assignments and projects on them. Now I love kids expecially when I get to interact with them. They always know how to make me smile or to make me laugh when I am having a bad day. Now the reason why I am behind is my health, it is hard for me to do Lab when I get weak. If I don't finish 32 lab hours for each class I have to get a Incomplete till I finish the Lab Hours. So I am trying my best to get as much done as I can because I only have 3 more weeks left of this Semester.

The Child Development Classes are:
1. Observation and Assessment
2. Curriculum
3. Educating Young Children

Next Semester I am going to talk to my Academic Advisor before I start the Fall Semester just to make sure of my Doubts. I still wanna work with kids but I was thinking of either working as a Child Psychologist or working in a Adoption Center. I also am Thinking about taking Photography Classes because I love taking photos and I kinda wanna be a Wedding Photographer.

P.S This Summer I am not taking any Classes. I do have the option of taking Classes but I wanna take a break and just work this Summer. This Is my own choice and I think it will be best for me to do.

CES <3

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