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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Book Review on "10th Kingdom" By Kathryn Wesley

This book is 421 Pages long and Has 46 Chapters. The description given on the back of book says The story follows the fortunes of Virginia, A New York Waitress, Who unwittingly finds herself in a Fantasy World of the 9 Kingdoms. Where she must save a Prince from the clutches of his evil step mother, and restore him to the throne.

Now I can't remember how long it took me to read this. But I do know that I love this book because of the mystery and the magic that it has. It always keeps you on the edge wanting to read more just to see who will survive. This book is filled with Mystery, Magic, Adventures, Love and excitement. A couple of years ago there was a movie done about this book, It was over 6 hours long. Now I love the movie because it follows the book really well and thats what I worry about because when you make movies or Tv shows off the books your not sure it will live to the expectation that you had for it. This book I give it a 8 out of 10.

It's about Virgina who lives on the edge of the forest on Central Park just wanting to open up her own restaurant. She lives currently with her father in a apartment where he is the Janitor at. Tony "The Father" Hates his job and wishes for more than he can handle. Now at the 9 kingdoms the evil step mother escapes by using trolls to help her get out of prison. She uses a magical dog to turn Prince Wendell "Ruler of 4th Kingdom and Grandson of Snow White" Into a dog so that she can take his Place. While Prince Wendell is turn into a dog he tries to escape the Prison instead he runs into a storage room and finds a Magic traveling mirror. He is amazed by it and so He jumps into the mirror and comes to Central park in New York. When He arrives Virginia accidently crashes her bike into him on her way to work. Soon the trolls go into the mirror trying to find Prince "Dog" so they can bring him back to the Evil Queen. Wolf, a Half man half wolf the queen decides to free him from prison as long as he would help find the Dog. Soon Virgina's Dad has eaten a magic bean that lets him have 6 wishes which leds him to end up in hand cuffs escaping from the cops. He decides to use his last wish so that he can talk to the dog so he can understand everything that Prince Wendell says. Prince Wendell warns him that He and them are in danger and they should follow him back to the 9 kingdoms, They have no choice but to follow his command. Once in the 9 Kingdoms they run into some series trouble involving Trolls, Fairies, Evil Step mother, The Huntsman, Gypsies, and most of all Fate and destiny.

The Next couple of books I will be reading is:
1. Pretty little Liars book 2
2. A Walk to Remember
3. Pratical Magic
4. A House of Night Book 1

Would I recommend this Book? -Yes I would because it has so much Mystery and Magic. Thats what I love to read about and if anyone loves books like those then they will Love this book. And... I recommend renting or watching the Movie "10th Kingdom" Because it will keep you wanting so much more.

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