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Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Planners for 2017

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you the planners I plan to use for 2017!!! Happy New Year!!!

This monthly planner I plan to use just as a look through for when I need to look for whats going on in a certain month. I got this at the Dollar Tree but of course I had to add a happy planner sticker!

This weekly planner I got from the Dollar Tree I plan to either use as my to go planner or as my school planner. It just depends if I am able to go back to College or not this upcoming semester.

This is my Classic happy planner and I plan to use this as my main everyday planner.

This is my mini happy planner and this will be my health planner.

These are my planners I plan to use for 2017!!

CES <3

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