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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas House Decorations!!! 2016

Hey everyone!! Sorry these Christmas posts are going up late I just had to make sure my other blog posts went up before these. Stay tuned because soon you will be seeing what me and Chloe got for Christmas and what we wore for those days as well!

My mom has this hung up in our Kitchen.

This is sitting on top of our TV. Very festive and cute!

These are the window cling stickers we put on our door. My mom said they wouldn't stick on our screen so she just taped them to our door instead.

This is on the wall next to the Christmas tree.

These are what Chloe decorated for me and I decided to put it on my door to mine and her room.

Little Christmas tree I have in mine and Chloe room!

I added lights in my room to make it look more festive.

CES <3

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