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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Planner Deluxe Cover Review

Hey everyone so today I am sharing with you the deluxe cover I got for my Classic Happy Planner.

So Mambi came out with these deluxe covers this year and it's supposed to help protect your planner rings from cracking and just overall protect your planner. Out of all the designs for the deluxe covers this one was my favorite.

Here is a better look of it out of the package.

Here is what mine looks like in the deluxe cover.

So when you open the deluxe cover on the left side you will find these slots where you can put planner supplies or stickers in.

Here is what the right side looks like. It has another slot and also a pen holder.

Here is what the snap looks like. This hold my planner perfect! So far I have no bad comments for these deluxe covers.

CES <3

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