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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Favorite Planner Supplies Series #1: Pens! 2016

Hey everyone! Today I am starting a new series sharing with you my favorite planner supplies for 2016. First I will start off with my favorite pens that I love to use in my planner and they also don't bleed through!

All the pens I got are from the Dollar Tree so they are very affordable! Except for the Papermate flair pens they are from Walmart.

These are the Papermate Flair pens and they work really nice in the planner. These have a very nice tip and have lasted me a long time. I have Pink, Purple, Orange, Green, Red and Blue.

Next are these R2 Inc. Blast pens. These are gel pens and they write so well! The R2 brand at the Dollar Tree for pens is my favorite! I even have the black pens as well.

Last are these Inc. Metallic Gel pens! Silver and Gold! These are so pretty and look amazing in my planner.

Next in this series will be my current favorite stickers!! Functional and Decorative!

CES <3

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