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Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Happy Planner Spread: How I Decorated It! 2016

Hey everyone Today I am sharing with you my Happy Planner spreads for the Month of December. I decided to go ahead and use my planner because I couldn't wait till January.

 Okay so for each month you get a currently page where you can write what you have been loving, events for that month, birthdays and what you are grateful for. Here is how I decorated the monthly page. Washi tape and Stickers are from Dollar Tree.

This is the divider that I have in here for December. This divider I got in a package from my planner buddy.

I added a list of the Christmas movies that are coming on for the 25 days of Christmas on the FreeForm channel.

The is the first week in December and I did a Elsa Frozen theme! I also added a project life card that says "Be Bright Be Happy Be You". Stickers and Washi are from Dollar Tree.

For the next week I had to do a Anna Theme to go with her sister Elsa from Frozen. My daughter is in love with Frozen so I wanted to do these two spreads for her.

For the third week I did a more festive Christmas theme. The Washi tape is from Dollar Tree and the other stickers are from the Mambi Seasonal sticker book.

This is my spread for Christmas week! Washi tape is from Dollar Tree and Stickers are from Mambi Seasonal sticker book. The gemstone stickers are also from Dollar Tree.

For New Years week I did a Black, White, Silver and Gold theme.

CES <3

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