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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 16 Favorite Ban.Do Themed Planner Spreads for 2016!

Hey Everyone so I am ending the Ban.Do Planner blog posts with my top 16 favorite planner spreads I loved in my Ban.Do planner for 2016. Next year I will be using a vertical classic Happy Planner.

Okay so for January this planner spread was my favorite because it was in honor of Mean Girls movie!

My next favorite was this Pretty Little Liars theme I did! I got these stickers off of Etsy.

Okay so my next favorite is this Spread! I just loved all the pastel colors.

Next is this cute donuts spread that I did for the week of my birthday!

Of course I had to do a Minnie spread in planner for my daughter. It came out so cute!

Next is the Alice in Wonderland theme! I am in love with movie so I knew I had to do a planner spread around this movie.

Next is this treat theme I did and I am in love with it! The stickers are from Five Below!!

Next is this spread I did with a sample sheet I got from Etsy and cutouts from a magazine.

This is a Mario theme that I did for 4th of July week. I think it turned out so cute! Mario was my favorite game to play when I was younger.

This was a watermelon spread I did in August and I loved it! The stickers were from a Etsy shop called KG Plans.

This was so beautiful in my planner! It's a fox woodland theme!

Next is the treat theme I did using only skinny washi tape and sticky notes that I glued to the page. Came out so cute!

Here is a woodland spread I did using only Washi Tape from Dollar Tree.

Another spread I did in November of this year using only washi tape again. Came out so cute with the owls and gold washi.

Here is a spread I did for this month with penguins and trees.

Here is another spread for this month that I am loving!

Thank you for following me through these Ban.Do Planner spreads for 2016. Hate to say goodbye but it's time for me to use a different and new planner for 2017.
Keep following me on my planner journey! I will be sharing Happy Planner Spreads next year!

CES <3

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