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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mambi Seasonal Sticker Book Look Thru....

Hey everyone Today I am sharing with you the Seasonal Mambi sticker book. I am not going to be able to show you every page that's in the seasonal sticker book but I will show you my favorites.

This is what the Mambi seasonal sticker book looks like.... You have all 4 seasons included in this sticker book.

When you very first open the book you have a couple of pages of Christmas stickers!

I am in love with these Christmas stickers!!!

With every season you also get a page of headers and checklists.

Next is the Fall Season. These decorative full boxes are so pretty!!

Also for every season you get a page of bucket list ideas.

These foil leaves are my favorite! These are so perfect for Fall....

Next season in the sticker book is Spring!

This page has a variety of Spring, Valentines, and Mother's day stickers.

Last season in the sticker book is Summer!

This page has some decorative and functional Summer stickers! Very cute!

Last they added two extra pages... The first page they added was this Birthday themed sheet! The gold foil is very nice.

And the very last extra page they added was these weather stickers!

CES <3

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