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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chloe Christmas Books! 2016

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you the books that Chloe has for Christmas. These are the books that I am reading to her for the month of December.

First book is the classic The Night Before Christmas by Jan Brett.

The next book we have is the Counting to Christmas by Nancy Tafuri.

Chloe also as this book called My First Christmas book. It talks about the traditions and culture of Christmas.

 Of course we have to read Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. Chloe is in love with the Movie!
She enjoys me reading this book to her as well as the movie.

Also we have the Frosty The Snowman book!

We also have this Christmas in Wellsworth with Thomas the train.

I have two Christmas flap books that Chloe enjoys. A Christmas tree and Santa's workshop.

This is the Winter Wonderland book which helps you to know all the words to the Winter Wonderland Song. "Sleigh bells ring Are You listening? In the land snow is glistening."

I found these two Christmas books at the Dollar Tree.

CES <3

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