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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mini Happy Planner Setup: My Health Planner!!

Hey everyone today I am showing you how I setup my planner that I will be using as my health planner for 2017. This planner is the same setup as my Classic planner except this planner is much smaller.

This is the deluxe cover that I bought for the mini happy planner. It's the rose gold design from Me and My Big Ideas.

So this planner has the same planner cover that was originally on my Classic happy planner. As you can see how tiny the mini planner is.

This is the very first page and I decided to keep the decoration very simple.

So each month comes with a currently page but I decided to cover it up with white printer paper and make it into my monthly goals page. This is where I will write down all my health goals and any other goals I would like to accomplish for that month. For January the color theme I went with as Blue.

 So this is the monthly calendar page and I plan to use this as my daily mood tracker. Each day I will put a emoji sticker to track what my mood was for that day. For this month I kept with the color theme of Blue. The washi is from Dollar Tree.

So for the first week this is how I decorated it. I put the thin blue washi down the middle so I can have two separate sections...  The left side to write down my pains and symptoms then the right side is to keep track of how much sleep I get and to write down some of the dreams I have at night. I will also be adding in a journaling card so I can use that to keep track of my self care.

This is the second week and I went with a Arctic theme. The stickers and washi is from Dollar Tree. I even have the thin washi going down the middle still as well.

This is how I decorated for the third week. This spread is my favorite because I love owls!

For the fourth week I did a bird theme.

Last week in January I did a woodland animal theme.

This is my setup for my mini happy planner that I plan to use as my health planner for 2017.

CES <3

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