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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What Chloe got for Christmas! 2016

Hey everyone sorry these post are late! I had other posts that needed to be up before this one. I am also sharing with you what I got for Christmas very soon!

Chloe got both of the Shimmer & Shine dolls.

She also got the animals to go with it!

Chloe got Dora & Friends, Now she is just missing the boy Pablo.

Chloe got Peppa pig family.

Chloe got the my little pony set!

Chloe was excited to see she got Play-Doh Town!

She has also gotten some new books. Frozen, Shimmer & Shine and Paw Patrol.

I got Chloe this shirt from Carter's.

Chloe had a very good Christmas and got tons of stuff. This is just the things I wanted to share with ya'll.

CES <3

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