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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mini Happy Planner Health Update

Hey Everyone! So today I am sharing with you how I been using and liking the Mini Happy Planner. I am still using the Mini as my health planner and that system seems to work the best for me so I can keep track of my health.

I bought the deluxe cover for my Mini so it can stay protected. This is the rose gold deluxe cover.

This is what the inside looks like right now.

So on this side I keep things that I will need for my health planner. In the first pocket I just keep a project life card just in case I need to write something down. In the top pocket I keep dot stickers because I use those for when I need to write down my pains/symptoms for a certain day. Then on the side I keep emoji stickers and I use those to track my moods.

 Each month I have a page where I will write down my health goals for that month.

So this is what a week looks like in my health planner. The left side I use for my symptoms and the right side I use to track my sleep. I also track my moods in the middle. On the outside of the box I write how many times I pee for that day.

This is what a empty week looks like in this planner.

So this is what the back looks like. For the notes page I just wrote down the health issues that I am dealing with right now. Then in the pocket I just keep some icons that I got out of a Mambi sticker book.

This is how I use the Mini Happy Planner as my Health Planner!

CES <3

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