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Friday, January 20, 2017

What I got for Christmas!! 2016

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you what I got for Christmas 2016.

Planner Supplies:

My mom got me these felt stickers! I used some already to turn into paperclips.

I also got these from my mom as well.

My mom got me these stickers that you can color on. I haven't used these yet.

She also got me these birthday washi strips.

She also gave me these cute fairy stickers!!

I also got these zoo animal stickers.

Next I got these pretty butterfly stickers!

I got this from one of my boyfriend family members. I am currently using this as my dream journal.

My boyfriend gave me these for Christmas!

Beauty Items:

I got this new wallet from my daughter's grandma on her father's side.

I got this scarf from my friend Janel.

My mom got me this eye pillow. She thought this would help for when I get migraines.

I got this set of lotion and fuzzy socks.

I got this set of Twisted Pepper Mint from Bath and Body works.

I also got this set from Bath and Body Works as well.

Last thing is this set called A Thousand Wishes.

CES <3

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