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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life Update: January 2014

I can say now that my life is really a roller coaster because there is many ups and downs.... I haven't did a life update in a while and I really needed to do one. Everything has changed.....

*Chloe is almost 10 months old now!!! I need to start planning for her 1st birthday party.

*Me and Chloe both caught the stomach virus, it was the first time Chloe got sick since she been born.

*I made straight A's again this semester. I have 2 semesters left till I get my associates degree in Child Development. I plan to graduate by end of 2014.

*I started doing the Birth Control shot. I had trouble the first time I got it because before the shot my blood pressure was really high. I been having trouble with my blood pressure lately.

*I have to buy Chloe a new car seat. Her doctor said she is getting too tall for her car seat that she has now.

*I am officially now a single parent. Me and Josh broke up. It was my decision for personal reasons. Still figuring out how to co-parent and rights.

~I am going to try to do these life updates more often. This is what has been going on right now. If you have any blog post ideas that I should do on my blog please comment and let me know.~

CES <3

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