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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outfits Of The Week: Jan. 13-19 2014

Hey everyone I am not doing outfit of the days anymore for right now because I started my Spring Semester of College and I will be having classes Monday-Thursday so I thought I would start doing Outfits of the Week instead. I will post these every Sunday showing ya'll what I wore for that week of College.

Monday Jan. 13:
Need to remind my self to clean my mirror....

Top: College T-shirt
Jeans: 579 Jeans
Flats: Faded Glory (Walmart)
Cardigan: Melrose
Owl Necklace: Walmart
Dream Bracelet: BCBG

I did a little braid and left my hair natural. I am wearing pink eye shadow and pink gloss.

Tuesday Jan. 14:
Top: Social Misfits (Hot Topic)
Jeans: 579
Flats: Faded Glory (Walmart)

I haven't curled my hair in years! I use the Conair curling wand and I pin my bangs back. I am wearing natural makeup today with a berry lip.

Wednesday Jan. 15:
This is my lazy day outfit when I don't want to get dressed up for class.

Long Sleeve Top: Melrose
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity 
Moccasins: MinneTokin

My hair is the aftermath of yesterday curls. I just left it alone and hair sprayed it. My makeup is really natural took less than 5 mins. This is quick and easy for students who want something easy for class.

Thursday Jan.16:
Top: Breakfast Club (Hot Topic or Spencer)
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Faded Glory (Walmart)
Cardigan: Melrose

I didn't feel like messing with my hair today so I just put it in a pony and put my bangs back with a headband. I hate my baby hair!!!

CES <3

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