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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

My favorite show is back and that means I am back to recapping this show. Are you ready to see Alison Alive? How will the liars deal with this now that she is back? We shall find out......

Do not read this post if you haven't watch this episode yet, Contains Spoilers!!!!

* The liars are trying to figure out why Alison is back and why she hasn't told them. Alison is Alive!!!
* Hanna has a theory. Someone is missing a girl probably around the same time Alison went missing and she might be the dead body and the one that they went to the funeral for maybe?
* Emily asked Alison mom about getting a hold of Jason
* Hanna mom still can't find a job
* Toby is back!!!
* Hanna still doesn't forgive Mona
* Aria is seeing Jake
* Sara Harvey went missing around same time as Alison
* Ezra saying sorry about what had happen with his son and her. Ezra wants another try with Aria.
* Spencer asks her Dad about trying to find Jason but he doesn't want to talk about it and wants her to stay away from Alison mom
* Toby and Spencer talk about Dr. Palmer and about Toby mom. Still trying to figure out the truth about Toby Mom.
* Caleb is back!!!!
* Caleb doesn't really know what to say to Hanna after everything happened to him. All he can say is that it is complicated.
* Emily and Hanna talk to a girl that knew Sara to get information
* Mona talks to Ezra. Mona wants Ezra to be her mentor??
* The dates don't match up with the girl and Alison
* Alison mom gave Hanna mom a job
* Alison mom tells Hanna that Alison still sees her mom in her dreams and told her mom to give Hanna mom a job
* I think Mona knows about Ezra!!! Mona wants Revenge. Mona knows who Ezra really is.
* "Fear can be a very good thing Mona"- Ezra
* Caleb tells Hanna he has to go back to Ravenswood
* Spencer Dad tells Spencer and Toby with evidence they can shut down Radley for good
* Aria calls Ezra and gets into the car with him!!!
* Ezra talks Aria to a cabin? Aria asks Ezra what he wants and he wants her.
* Ezra and Aria kiss!!!!
* Sara friend comes back to see Emily. She tells Emily that Sara is basically like Alison in a way with looks and personality.
* Hanna doesn't want Caleb to leave. Hanna wants the truth from Caleb but he can't tell her and he leaves. I feel bad for Hanna!!
* I don't trust Ezra at all now!!!!!
* Emily tells Paige about the kiss she had with Alison
* Hanna sees Caleb one last time to finally say goodbye
* Hanna shows the girls the diary that she took from the lair in Ravenswood. Time to read it.....

No Alison in this episode!!!!! No flashback either!!!

Favorite Moment: Toby coming to see Spencer at school

Shocking Moment: Mona knows about Ezra!!!!

Least Favorite Moment: When Caleb tells Hanna goodbye

Who I don't Trust: Ezra! He seems dark and creepy now, I don't trust him around Aria.

CES <3

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