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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Monthly Baby Haul: January 2014

I finally have a monthly baby haul to show ya'll for this month of January. It mostly consist of baby snacks and meals for her.

She loves Yogurt Melts! I got the Strawberry and Mixed Berries.

These are the Toddler Gerber Graduates Banana Cookies. Chloe loves these!! She can actually eat these and they are good for her too because she is teething a lot lately.

Gerber Graduates Mid Cheddar and Ranch Lil Crunchies puffs.

Chloe doesn't really like eating her baby food anymore so I been giving her more solid foods lately. Even though these are for Toddlers I thought I can cut it up enough to were she can eat them. I tried these lil meals before and she does okay with them. I do sit and watch her just in case....

I have to cut these up into smaller pieces but Chloe seems to like these already!

Chloe has been trying the NUK Learning Sippy Cup, she has 1 already so I decided to buy another one. I also bought two pacifiers because we lose them a lot.

Bought 2 packs of Baby Wipes. Cheap brand for now because they only costed $1.50 I think.

Chloe been teething a lot lately so I thought this would help her.

I picked up some sandwich bags because I use these bags to put her snacks in when she goes over to her grandparents house.

I bought 3 books from a 99 cent store in town

CES <3

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