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Monday, January 6, 2014

I Have Some Thinking To Do.... (1/6/2014)

This morning me and Chloe woke up at 7:30am and it was 18 degrees!! I hate this weather it makes me not want to get out of bed. But today we had a meeting with a attorney to talk about Child Support and Custody rights. I just wanted to get some information since with everything going on I thought it was best for me and Chloe.

Basically this meeting was free but if we want to file and start the process it's $1,500 down payment. Right now she gave me some options and how the process is going to go if I want to do this. It's very tough, emotional and stressful to go through this but I just want to do what I think is best for Chloe whether people agree with me or not. Her life is in my hands.... I just have a lot of thinking to do to decide if I want to go through with this and what is the best option for me and Chloe.

Me and Josh got into it really bad last night. I just feels he cares more about another women than he does me and his daughter. He wants her to be apart of Chloe life but actually I get to decide whether or not i'm okay with it. I feel like he doesn't respect my decisions or listen to me. He basically blamed me for breaking up the family and saying I gave up to easily.

All I wanted was to work on my issues without being in a relationship then work on us but nope he thinks I am just thinking about me and I ruined things. He never takes any of the blame. It just hurts me that he is blaming all this all on me. I only want what is best for Chloe. I think I can say now me and him are officially done. Now what to do from here? I just been so stressed out lately it's crazy.

Here is some pictures of our day today:

Watched Easy A today I haven't seen this movie in a while and it's one of my favorite movies.

These are the books we read tonight. I usually will read 2 or 3 books to Chloe before she goes to bed.

CES <3

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