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Thursday, January 23, 2014

College Update: First Week and Feeling a bit Overwhelmed

Hey everyone so I finished my first week of my Spring semester of college and I am a bit overwhelmed with everything. I am going to explain what classes I am taking and what they need me to do this semester.... I am taking 4 classes.

Emergent Literacy for Young Children: This class we will learn and read about different children's books. We will take a look at the author, the quality of the books and learn what is age appropriate for each child age. We will also look at infant/toddler literacy and even adult literacy. I am so glad that this class has no lab!!! This class hasn't stressed me out yet. I take this class on Monday's. The only homework we have so far is chapter 1 reading. This week all we did is go over what this class is about and what we will be doing next. Soon we have to do a author study where we have to read like over 20 children books from this author and do a report about it.

Wellness of Children: This class we will learn about nutrition, health and safety. We have to make menu plans and look at safety for children. This class has 10 hours of lab and 6 hours at a Elementary School. I am probably going to do lab on Tuesday's from 8am-10am. I take this class on Tuesday's. Right now I am not too worried about this class. All we have to do is read chapters 1 and 2 in the text book.

School Age Children: This class we will go over a vary of things that include children from 5 years to 13 years. This class I have to do 16 hours at a After School Program!!! This is when I started to stress out because I have to find someone to watch Chloe and I am a little nervous about doing a after school program. The teacher wants us to start picking where we want to go and I have no idea. I need to call around this coming week and find out all the details. Plus she gave us a lot of papers for this class so I know the work load is going to be heavy for this class.

Children with Special Needs: This is basically learning about children with special needs. Only thing that stressed me out was that the students had a different book from the teacher. The teacher had the older version book and everyone else had the newer version because that's the only version they offered at the bookstore. The teacher didn't want the newer version so that made some students confused... I didn't buy my book for this class yet because I need the teacher to actually decide what book she wants before I pay for a book I don't need. It's very confusing and kinda stressful because we are suppose to read in the book but can't when we have a different version than the teacher.

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