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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pregnancy Tag 2013

Hey everyone I was watching a video on youtube and came across this pregnancy tag, I thought I would do this Tag for ya'll today. Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant with a girl.

1. How and When did you find out you were pregnant? Well in 2012 I spent the whole month of June in Hawaii visiting my fiance. The last two weeks there I got really sick kinda like flu symptoms. I came back July 2nd. My last period was May 29 and I was suppose to have a period around July 4th but never had it so on July 9th I went to the clinic and they told me I was pregnant.

2. How did you feel? I was excited because I really wanted a baby and have a family with Josh.

3. How old were you? I was 20 years old.

4. How did you tell your partner? I was back in Texas and He was on a ship traveling around Hawaii for the marines. I called him that very day I found out and told him I was pregnant.

5. Did you wait 3 months to tell people? why or why not? I did not wait 3 months but I had to wait a little bit because of personal things that were going on at the time.

6. Is this your first? Yes this is my first pregnancy and going to be my first child.

7. Do you want more children? Yes we do we are thinking about 3. He wants the next one to be a boy.

8. Your biggest craving? Throughout my pregnancy I never actually had a big craving. But I do eat a lot of potato's like french fries, baked potato, etc.

9. What is the best part about being pregnant? I would say getting to feel her move and hearing her heartbeat, it assures me that she is okay and that she is healthy.

10. What is the worst part about being pregnant? Mine would have to be nasal congestion and leg cramps. I get the worst leg cramps especially when I am trying to get comfortable or when I am trying to sleep. 

11. Do you know the Gender and what do you Prefer? I am having a girl. I always wanted my first one to be a girl so I was happy when I found out.

12. Do you have a name picked out? What is the story... Yes her name is going to be Chloe Ann. I am not giving out the last name for security reasons. Anyways Chloe is a name I always loved and I thought it was rare because I never heard it a lot. Ann is from my grandma who died of cancer, I thought it was important for Chloe to have Ann as her middle name. 

13. What is your birth plan? I don't really have a birth plan. I mean if I am in pain I will ask for a epidural. My mom, Josh and Josh mom will be in the room with me. 

14. Will you breast feed? I am doing formula because I have health issues and there is medicine that I have to go back on once she is born.

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mom? As for now I plan to be a stay at home mom until otherwise. Josh will be supporting me and the baby plus I have my parents to help me. I just think it's best for me to be a stay at home mom for now since everyone else works and won't be able to watch her.

16. Will you make your own baby food? Probably not but I could try.

17. Do you have any nursery ideas or themes? Chloe will be staying in my room with me so I don't have any ideas for now. But when she gets older I was thinking a ladybug or a owl theme.

CES <3

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  1. loved this :) we picked Chloe for out little girl for the first few month of pregnancy then ended up changing it to emme :) her middle name is after my nana too :) xx