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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Shower for Chloe 2013

Hey everyone so yesterday I had my Baby Shower and it was fun. I really appreciated everyone that came and had brought Chloe gifts. My fiance Josh had to go back to Hawaii today which was tough on me but I thought I would show pictures of my Baby Shower.

This was the Lanterns that we had hanging up. It had the Hawaiian theme since that was the theme of the baby shower.

 These were the cupcakes that we had.

Here is a view of the cake table. I really love my cake.

Me and my fiance Josh

Me and my friend Sandra. She is also gonna be my made of honor. She is doing my hair and makeup for the wedding.

I got a Play Mat from my friend.

It's a hanging thing I got from a family member.

Baby bottle drinking game #1

Baby bottle drinking game #2

My Love <3

Measuring mommy and daddy game

Baby food game

Josh and his Family

CES <3

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