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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Essentials to put in your Hospital and Diaper Bag

Hey everyone so I am about to be 31 weeks pregnant and lately I been getting together things I wanna put in my hospital and diaper bag. I have this app on my Ipad called Sprout Lite Pregnancy and I been using that throughout my whole pregnancy. Well it has a organizer on there where it has a list of what you should put in your hospital and diaper bag. Today I am gonna share what essentials you should pack in your hospital and diaper bag. Now I went to tour the labor and delivery wing at my hospital and they told me what they thought I should bring so first I would check your hospital to see what they recommend.

Hospital Bag for Mommy:

1. Socks- Nice comfortable socks are best. I am bringing fuzzy socks because my feet get cold really fast.
2. Bras- Bring comfortable fitting bras and nursing bras if you are breast feeding. I am just bringing sports bras because I am not breast feeding and they are comfortable.
3. Underwear- Hospital will provide underwear but still best to bring your own. Bring some that you don't mind if they get messed up.
4. Nursing Gown or Nightshirt
5. Sweat Pants- I am bringing these because I want to be comfortable as I can be and the hospitals are really cold.
6. Robe and Slippers
7. Clothes to wear home- I would pack comfortable clothes just in case you have a c section.
8. Medication- If you have any medicine you were taken before pregnancy bring those unless your doctor tells you otherwise. I am bringing my bladder medication.
9. Make up and Toiletries- Make up is only up to you if you want to bring it most bring it to take pictures.
10. Hair brush and hair ties
11. Lotion
12. Sanitary Pads and Breast Pads- Important to make sure you bring these because you will use these.

Diaper Bag for your Baby:

1. Car Seat- Most important thing to make sure you have ready. even though it's not for your diaper bag I still wanted to mention it.
2. Newborn Hats (2/3)- Depending on the weather and how cold it is in the hospital room.
3. Receiving Blanket
4. Outfits (2/3)- To change your baby into for pictures.
5. Socks (2/3)
6. Going home outfit
7. Hand Mittens- Babies like to scratch their face and their nails are pretty long at birth.
8. Baby Lotion
9. Burp Cloth
10. Sample pack of wipes

*There is other stuff that you can bring with you which include Camera, Charger, Phone, Driver License and etc.*

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