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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Over The Counter Medication Safe for Pregnancy

Hey everyone, Today blog post it gonna be about medication that is safe to take during pregnancy. I wish I knew what I could take earlier on then just knowing about it now. I got this list from my doctor's office and it's everything they recommend that is safe. Now I would wait to take any medication till you are in your second trimester because that's what all doctors recommend. If you have any questions please ask your doctor first.

Upper Respiratory:

1. Sudafed
2. Actifed
3. Dimetapp
4. Benadryl
5. Tavist
6. Vicks
7. Delsym
8. Robitussin
9. Chloraseptic Throat Spray
10. Throat Lozenges
11. Tylenol PM
12. Claritin D
13. Emergen-C
14. Zicam (not nasal)
15. Mucinex
16. Zyrtec
17. Saline Nasal Spray

Aches and Pains:

1. Tylenol


1. Dramamine
2. Emetrol


1. Benadryl
2. Unisom

Gas and Indigestion:

1. Maalox
2. Mylanta
3. Tums
4. Mylicon
5. Gas x
6. Phazyme
7. Titralac
8. Rolaids 
9. Zantac
10. Prilosec


1. Citrucel
2. Metamucil
3. Correctol
4. Dulcolax


1. Imodium AD
2. Kaopectate
3. Diasorb
4. Donnagel


1. Anusol
2. Preparation H

*Hope this helps!*

CES <3

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