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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnancy Log #12: 32 Weeks!!!

Hey everyone I turn 32 weeks tomorrow but I thought I would do this post today instead. I have 8 weeks left till Chloe Ann will be here in our lives. Me and my Fiance can't wait to finally meet her!!

How many Weeks and Due Date: 32 weeks pregnant and due March 22.

Gender and Name: It's a Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Nasal Congestion, Heartburn and Exhausted.

What does my Belly look like:

How much do I weigh: I haven't weighed my self since last doctor appointment which had me at 109. I go next Wednesday to see my doctor and hopefully by then I gained a couple of pounds.

Sleep Habits: Sleep has been horrible for me lately. I just can't sleep because of the nasal congestion, leg cramps and heartburn.

Baby Movements: She is such a active baby. Mostly at night though is when I can really feel her moving.

Next Doctor Visit: January 30th at 10:30am

How are you feeling right now: Exhausted. I haven't slept much lately so I been really tired lately. Plus my nasal congestion is driving me crazy!

Looking Forward To: Moving to a new house and finally getting her crib set up.

Any Updates/News: Chloe diaper bag is packed and ready. My hospital bag is almost done I have a few things left to pack. My family is looking at houses because we are wanting to move before Chloe is born. Going house hunting hopefully this Saturday.

CES <3

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