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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update On: Engagement, Moving, Goals, Life...

Hey everyone! So I haven't done a actual update on me in a while, I mean I been doing pregnancy log's but I haven't updated ya'll on how I been and what's been going on lately.

   So when I first started this blog almost 3 years ago it was about me ranting about my health and my relationships well everything has changed since then. My health as you may know was crazy at first because my doctor diagnose me with IC which means my bladder wall is damage. I had a Bladder Disease for 2 almost 3 years now and lately it's been a little better. During Pregnancy it hasn't bother me at all but I am worried for when I go into labor how it will act. Every time I am in pain now my whole body starts to shake and I can't get it to stop sometimes. After I have Chloe I probably have to go back on my medicine because I only stop taking them for now because I am Pregnant. Once she is born I plan to do monthly updates on my health like I used to and monthly updates on how Chloe is doing.
   As for relationships well me and Josh are engaged and we are doing good. We are working things out that happened in the past so we can have a healthy relationship for our daughter. He proposed on New Years and we are getting married in December of this year hopefully. Josh is in the Marines so he is in Hawaii and I am in Texas so right now we are doing a long distance relationship which we been doing for past year. I try to go to Hawaii when I can to visit him like I did twice last year. This November me, my mom and Chloe are planning to go to Hawaii for a week for Thanksgiving to spend time with him. Everyone main question to ask is "Am I planning to move with him after Chloe is Born?" my response to that is we are waiting till after I get my degree which I only have about 9 classes left.

   So I am still living with my parents and plan to do so till me and Josh move in together. Right now my family is planning on moving to a different house in town before Chloe comes. We are using our income tax to move and so far my mom has a lot of packing done even though we do have more to pack. Chloe stuff is in boxes already and her big stuff is in storage till we move. We are planning to be moved out by March 1 hopefully. I can't wait to finally set Chloe stuff up and get her crib up. Maybe I will do a post once it is set up show I can show ya'll how it looks.
   As for College I am taking this semester off and I won't go back till August of this year. I thought I would take this semester off so I can focus on being healthy for labor and being there for Chloe.

*So I know this is a long update but I wanted to update ya'll on how I been and what's been going on lately in my life.*

CES <3

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