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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pregnancy Log #11: 31 Weeks!!!

Hey so I can't believe I have 9 weeks left till I meet my baby girl. Me and my fiance are so ready to have Chloe Ann in our lives.

How many Weeks and Due Date: I am 31 weeks and my due date is March 22. I have a feeling she might come early but we hope not too early.

Gender and Name: Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Round Ligament Pain, Insomnia and Nasal Congestion.

What does my Belly look like:

How much do I weigh: I went to doctor yesterday and I haven't gained any pounds. I still weigh 109 so it does kinda worry me but Chloe is healthy.

Sleep Habits: I haven't been getting much sleep still, it's my insomnia.

Baby Movements: She is still a active baby as usual. She has been getting the hiccups more lately to where I can feel it. She does have her days where she is kinda quiet.

Next Doctor Visit: January 30th at 10:30am

How are you feeling right now: I am feeling okay even though my bladder is driving me crazy. I been trying to rest as much as I can. My fiance makes sure I do.

Looking Forward To: Baby Shower is in 2 days!!!!

Any Updates/News: Baby Shower is in 2 days. I been putting stuff in her diaper bag to get it ready for the hospital. So far 1 outfit is packed and ready for her to wear. My fiance is leaving to go back to Hawaii this Sunday. My fiance bought Chloe some hand mittens and a cute owl outfit.

*I am so excited about Saturday I can't wait to hang out with friends and open baby shower gifts with my fiance. Next blog post will be a Baby Shower Haul and pictures. I am 31 weeks and has 9 more to go!!*

CES <3

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