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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 8)

Hey everyone! So I am finally getting caught up with these recaps.... This is episode 8 and it's called "Scream for me."

The head detective talks to Alison about Shanna and Alison's whereabouts when Shanna was killed. Aria mom throws a engagement party and made Aria her maid of honor. Sydney lies to Emily about her knowing about New York. Hanna goes to apologize to Alison. Toby tells Spencer he wants to enroll at the Police Academy. Eddie doesn't work at Radley anymore??? Rhonda catches Aria with Bethany art book. Alison is staying with Hanna for a few days. The girls find out that Alison mom spent time with Bethany and bought her presents. Aria gets in trouble for giving Rhonda a soda because Rhonda is a diabetic. Sydney blurts out New York to Emily by accident.... My theory about Sydney is that she could be Jenna's twin and that Sydney is Uber/Head A. She might even be Black Veil. Aria mom boyfriend/fiance Zack hits on Hanna.... Can you say creepy??? Aria mom thinks Aria is acting out and doesn't want her to get married. Hanna gets drunk again.... Spencer and Emily visit a barn where Alison mom used to take Bethany to. Zack and Hanna meet again and he gives her his phone number. Someone breaks into Hanna's house. Hanna goes to tell Aria about Zack but Aria blows up at her and doesn't believe her. Poor Hanna!! A locks Spencer and Emily in the stable with a horse that is acting out because of the weather. Spencer gets hurt! Spencer finds Melissa helmet/hat at the stables. Spencer gives Toby her blessing about enrolling at the Police Academy. Alison tells the girls that she got Noel to break into Hanna's house.

CES <3

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