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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Week In Pictures: August 4-10 2014

Hey everyone! Here is my week in pictures....

Monday August 4:

Watching YouTube Videos. Chloe is with her dad till Thursday or Friday.

Reading Pretty Little Liars book series #6 called Killer I think. I mostly read when Chloe is with her dad.

Tuesday August 5:

Watching LivinLikeLindsey on YouTube. Watching the Sister Summer series.

Of course I watch ItsJudysLife. I love their twins!

I used this today and it's the Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser. 

Pretty Little Liars!!!

Chasing Life!!!

Wednesday August 6:

I started reading The Maze Runner!

Thursday August 7:

Washing Chloe's laundry.

Updating my Health and Pain Journal.

I tried a nose strip for the first time.

Started doing Yoga again.

Friday August 8:

My baby girl is finally home!

Eating her feet....

Saturday August 9:

Chloe and her Grandma

Time for a nap!

Playing on her slide outside.

Sunday August 10:

CES <3

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