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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 9)

Hey everyone! Time for me to recap Season 5 Episode 9 and this episode is called "March of Crimes."

Spencer is not happy with Alison for her using Noel to break into Hanna house. Hanna is still drinking and the girls are getting worried. "Make sure she don't drink and dial"- Emily. Emily overhears Noel with a tape recording of Alison talking about Shana. Hanna mom finds the flask of alcohol and tells Hanna that will not solve her problems. Detective Tanner talks to Aria about Ezra connection with Shana. Emily goes through Noel locker and finds his car keys. Spencer talks to Caleb about Hanna drinking problem. Hanna tells Alison to leave her alone and go stay with one of the other girls instead. How do you feel about what Hanna said to Alison? At the eye doctor Spencer thought she seen two Jenna's which in reality Sydney was there with Jenna. I still think Sydney and Jenna are twins I mean did you see how they were dressed... Both dressed the same head to toe. Emily searches through Noel car and finds pictures of Alison. Aria and Hanna are still not talking. Caleb confronts Hanna about why she don't want to go to the engagement party and Hanna tells him about Zack. Emily got mad at Sydney for not telling her she was friends with Jenna. Aria decides to tell her mom about Hanna and Zack. Caleb confronts Zack and hits him. Go Caleb!! Protect Hanna! A planted a not saying Hanna likes Zack. Sydney tells Emily about her connection to Jenna which is that she used to volunteer to help the visually impaired and she helped Jenna through the tough time of Alison. Do you believe Sydney Story?? Emily blows up at Sydney and tells her she is taking the coaching job. Noel confronts Spencer and tells her that he will blackmail Alison if she turns on him. Spencer hits him and tells him she will keep the evidence in a safer place. Aria sees Hanna and tells her about Zack and says sorry to her. Zack did this to Aria mom before? Aria and Hanna will be okay. Police caught a guy and he says he kidnapped Alison. Does Alison know him? What's the connection there? Is that to protect her cover story???

I don't know if I can believe Sydney story I still think she is connected to Jenna in another way. My theory is that Sydney and Jenna are either half sisters or twins. Also that Sydney is the head A and started the A team because she can get revenge on what happened to Jenna. 

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