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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life Update: June and July 2014

Hey everyone! I am back with a Life Update for June and July. I try to do these life updates every two months....


* We had to take Chloe to the hospital. She had 105 fever and they couldn't figure out what had caused it.
* My mom had dye put in her body to check her heart. No blockages just more test as usual. Found out she needs to have back surgery.
* I have to see a Urologist to start treatment on my bladder.
* I started my Health Blog back up.... dealingwithic.blogspot.com It's all about my health and my bladder disease.
* I am working on getting health insurance


* Mom might have to wear a heart monitor.
* We went to my Dad side Family Reunion
* I paid half of my college due. I owe $168
* Chloe is 16 months! She is almost 1 and half!!!
* We got a new puppy his name is Blue. Blue heeler and pit bull mix.
* I dyed my hair more blonde and got rid of the horrible brown roots
* Chloe had her first eye appointment to check on her slight lazy eye
* Went to my Mom side Family Reunion

Here is my life update for the months of June and July.....

CES <3

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