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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 10)

Hey everyone! This is episode 10 and the title is "A Dark Ali."

The girls think A set up Cyrus to be Alison kidnapper, Alison has 48 hours to ID him as her kidnapper. Spencer has Noel proof that Alison wasn't kidnapped or dead. Hanna cleans Caleb fridge and place so no more drinking? Hanna also wants to audition for a solo in the choir. The recording that Alison gave Spencer is gone. Caleb wants to help Hanna as Spencer asked him so Caleb and Hanna go on a run. Spencer sees Melissa talking to someone by the barn. Spencer wants to tell the police the truth about Alison. Aria goes to see Ezra and he tells her that he wants to talk to Alison, Aria tells him she doesn't want him to talk to her at all. Alison knows Cyrus because he was the one who cut her leg. Alison tells Emily the truth about who Cyrus is and her connection to him. Mona passes out at the auditions and Hanna finds a picture of Cyrus in her bag. Ezra doesn't listen to Aria and goes to talk to Alison.... Alison dad shows up to stop him and Aria sees everything. Hanna gets into Mona car and Mona tells her that she is trying to find out who set up Cyrus. Aria is mad at Ezra for him talking to Alison. Melissa said she was helping out Mona she also tells Spencer to run away with her. Alison has a flashback of her and Cyrus.... He takes her bag with money and cuts Alison leg. Mona is hacking Detective Tanner emails and phone to see about Cyrus. Mona tells Hanna that she had a panic attack, she been having them since Alison returned. Alison was not going to identified Cyrus as her kidnapper but she does. Aria doesn't think she can trust Ezra. Emily is upset with Alison for turning in Cyrus as her kidnapper when they know it's not true. "I wasted so much time on You"- Emily to Alison. Emily tells Alison she is done with her. The girls decided they want to cut ties with Alison. Cyrus gets out of jail and meets with Alison wearing a black wig. Melissa recorded a message on video to tell Spencer her secret. 

*We have episode 11 then we will have the mid season finale!*

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